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Education Reform Is Hard

And it always will be if the people who make the decisions regarding education policy continue to treat our schools as businesses. Schools are beginning to be rated based solely on their “productivity”, otherwise known as standardized tests scores. If a school does not perform up to standard the school can face a number of consequences. 
Probably the most public example of this is the 2010 Rhode Island “house cleaning” that took place in Central Falls School District in which the, “school board voted to fire all teachers at [the] struggling high school. Central Falls High is one of the lowest-performing schools in Rhode Island. It is in a community where[the] median income is $22,000, [according to census figures]. Of the 800 students, 65 percent are Hispanic and for most of them, English is a second language. Half the students are failing every subject, with 55 percent skilled in reading and 7 percent proficient in math,” according to the CNN article, dated Feb 24th, 2010.(See Bits an…

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell by Tucker Max...a review

There are very few books that have caused me to laugh out loud numerous times while reading. In the same sense, it is even more rare that a passage is so outlandish, so ridiculous, that I simply have to stop reading in order to share that passage with someone- even if it is multiple pages long. I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell does this with remarkable ease.
The absolute absurdity that Tucker Max and his friends continually find themselves involved is on par with one of my top ten books, Youth in Revolt. The books are very different in content, but the willingness of the authors to write without care, is visible in both. And in this case Tucker very obviously does not mind sharing every detail about his life, even the stories that don’t make him look good. Plus, he claims the entire book is absolutely true.
I’m going to preface my next statement. I don’t want to admit the following. This is exactly the kind of book a book club would not choose, when really it is exactly the kind of book …

In Defense of Chelsea Handler

Recently a video was posted on a blog that caters mainly to MTV and Howard Stern fans. It was Chelsea Handler introducing her “sex tape” according to the title posted. The clip had the following as its description, “The fact that only women like her is just further proof that she’s unfunny. Broads dunno funny. Sorry to break it to you!!!”
I enjoy Chelsea Handler. I mentioned previously how I watched the VMA’s because of her. Well, I like her show Chelsea Lately, as well as the monthly piece that she does for Cosmo, and I was recently reminded of her part in the sketch comedy show Girls Behaving Badly, which also had some positive moments. The thing is, I realize that not everyone has to like her. I also realize, and this is key, that probably not all females like her, and chances are not every male dislikes her. Generally, I am mature enough to acknowledge that opinions typically are based on individual interest, not gender specificity.
Therefore, I am left with a few aspects of this …

What the hell MTV

The following is not exactly time sensitive, however I felt it necessary to post due to the supposed huge following MTV had for the show.

I haven't watched MTV's Video Music Awards for at least five years, probably more like ten. I decided to watch the 2010 awards last night because Chelsea Handler was hosting. She is absolutely hilarious, and I genuinely feel sorry for the fact that she was actually a part of this "show". Ugh. What a waste of time. I remember seriously looking forward to these shows when I was younger, and I can't seem to wrap my head around what the hell happened.

I now realize I have grown beyond the days when singers actually sing their own music, show up for award nominations, and just overall have talent without the use of some sort of voice modification. It was a sad showing. I'm sure no one else watched it so I'll just provide you with a couple tidbits.

Eminem and Lady Gaga one every award except two. Since I like both…

Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Relin... a review

Three Cups of Tea is a book you should read. I think everyone should. In fact, I think it should be a “required read” for students before they graduate high school.

I was worried after the first chapter that it was going to be 300 and some pages of how amazing this Mortenson guy is, and since I have this inability to simply stop reading a book even if it is awful, I’d be stuck reading praise after praise. It does cheerlead quite extensively, but I got over it, and I’m sure you will too…the man is remarkable, and ultimately you will want him to succeed. However, be prepared because some parts do read like this man can only shit great ideas.

Greg Mortenson is a mountain climber turned humanitarian. Self described with fault, he could be viewed as a modern day epic hero. A larger than life “character”, he has spent over a decade surmounting numerous obstacles to create “life through education” in areas where education, especially for females simply did not exist. Plus, he d…