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A request...

Dear fellow facebook enthusiasts,
I have what I consider to be a small request, and I am aware that out of the fifteen or so people who will read this a percentage of those readers may take offense but I’m willing to accept this as a possible outcome. All I’m suggesting is that updaters simply think about what kind of information they are choosing to share with friends and family, BEFORE they actually post.
Now admittedly, I’m neurotic. I check my fb often, probably too often. When on fb, I typically like to scroll through my friends’ recent posts, because in some weird way it makes me feel connected to those I no longer live near. But perhaps, this is my downfall. Perhaps I should just pop on to write something about myself and ignore what everyone else is saying and doing. Perhaps then I wouldn’t be so disenchanted with how some of my friends choose to present themselves.
So what exactly is my problem? Well for one, there are occasionally instances of over-sharing. One time I was ma…

I'm Thankful for...

Thanksgiving is almost here, and in light of my very favorite day, I thought it would make sense to take some time to reflect. I am so completely thankful for my family as well as every opportunity I have ever had. Not many days go by that I don’t in some way acknowledge how grateful I am.
This list may have a location bias at this time, and it is not in any order whatsoever.
I am thankful for:
1.A home, food to eat, access to clean water…
2.My parents who have supported and encouraged me through every single decision I have ever made.
3.A boyfriend who plays no games, is kind and considerate, makes me laugh, and who treats me with respect. And he likes to go on “dates”.
4.Leah. I have always said how she saved my life…forcing me to walk her every day, and simultaneously protecting me from a raging depression.
5.Bloody Marys with Demitri’s seasoning sauces.
6.Being able to bike, or hike, or sit outside and read, any day I want, without the rain.
7.My decision to leave a position with job se…

Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle with Steven L. Hopp and Camille Kingsolver…a review

Who would have thought that a story depicting a year in the life of a family farming their own food, could not only be entertaining, but also entice me; a well documented insect phobia-ist, to have my own garden complete with whatever forms of life this may bring? This is a remarkable feat.
I never before thought of the food I eat in terms of what all is required to grow produce out of season, or the carbon footprint that is left behind when it is then shipped to a faraway, final destination. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle also discusses exactly what has to be done to those fruits and veggies to make them so travel friendly. It is pretty unbelievable when you think about how much trouble we go to as a society to ensure that we always have strawberries, or tomatoes, or oranges, or any other produce at our fingertips despite the lack of authenticity (taste) that inevitably follows such maneuvering.
Two summers ago, I backpacked through Greece and Italy.Unlike some of my previous Internation…

Leah versus Usery Mountain Park—Part II

The air has cooled quite a bit down here, so much so that we have actually pulled the heavy comforter back out of retirement. I have to be honest when I say that I didn’t expect to use that particular blanket until we moved again, if we move again. But the highs are no longer ridiculously high, and the nights especially are much cooler. Let’s be real though, I’m not complaining, at all. We still have our windows open. We wake up to blue skies and our days are filled with sun. I absolutely love Arizona for this, even if it is getting a little chilly (like 70).
And today was no different. Veterans’ Day always seems to come at just the right time during the school year, and while admittedly my year has just begun, I am very appreciative for this day to enjoy the freedoms we have. When we attempted the 7.4-mile Pass Mountain Loop last weekend, but ended up on some random trail, Tyler had a great idea for us to use our day off to try again. [That’s why I like him.] 

We set off for the loop f…

Pass Mountain Trail (Attempt)— Usery Mountain Regional Park

[Edit]-- The Pass Mountain Trail (entered through the main entrance) is easily accessible...and has become one of our favorite hikes. It is not very busy and has a beautiful view midway (the exact spot where my hubs proposed). Definitely worth it. We even know how to get to it from the other side now!! The following post is basically the back side and we took the "wrong" instincts in our directions. 

This is not the trail we actually hiked. We couldn’t seem to locate the 7.5-mile loop that we were looking for. This may be due to our starting the hike at an alternate parking area instead of the main trailhead, or perhaps it is because Arizona parks seem to be against marking trails and/or providing any information at the start of the trails. This is frustrating.

 The hike we ended up on, I believe, is still a part of Usery Mountain Park. But again, who really knows. As we were walking we started our ascent up and then up a little more until I was seriously out of breath, and Le…

Public School versus Charter School- Second Installment

I now have one week served as a teacher in a local charter school. It is still very vague as to how things work exactly, but I am least getting used to my schedule that is now five days old. I should specify that my current school is also a public school. So just like any other public school, its doors are open to anyone. I suppose the exception is that students don’t automatically enroll based on where their home falls in regards to school boundary lines, that instead a family elects for their child to attend based on the program design of the school.
This is an interesting and rather foreign concept for me. My parents elected for me to attend a Catholic high school for my freshman and sophomore year because the choice of public school, was not much of a choice at all, in their eyes. They based this on my mom’s own experiences at the same school, and my dad’s brief stint in public school after leaving Catholic school. They wanted more for me. However, they had to pay for it. Catholic…