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Siphon Draw: Lost Dutchman State Park

Presidents Day Weekend which, for most educators and their students, means a 3-4 day weekend. We woke up early Saturday morning to the most beautiful sunrise I've seen here thus far. Super pretty to look at, but ultimately those same clouds created a weekend that was mostly spent indoors. I obviously can't complain since it hardly ever rains here and all those cacti need to get water somehow.

Today though, the sun shone through the few remaining clouds. We left the house at 8:00 am to check out a hiking trail one of my students suggested. Siphon Draw, which is part of the Lost Dutchman State Park, was an absolutely beautiful hike. We stopped at the "waterfall" for lunch and ended up turning around at this point. The remainder of the hike began as a fairly upright rock wall. I did not for one second doubt Leah's ability to make the climb since half of our hikes are spent with her mountain-goating both she and I up the trail. However, when I envisioned how the retu…

Sarah’s Key by Tatiana De Rosnay...a review

I am always incredibly disappointed to learn of situations and events that demonstrate the awfulness that humans are capable of doling out to each other. Sarah’s Key evokes a similar level of disgust to what I encountered while reading Unbroken when I learned of the atrocities put upon Louis Zamperini and the other P.O.W’s. I cannot understand how an individual can view, and further, treat another human with such contempt that they disregard that person’s life so completely as to be able to end it.
[BLOGGER'S BURBLE]To live without compassion, or to judge based on a single aspect is an ignorance that exists because we let it. If I ruled the world (thank you Nas): war, torture, and judgment of people based on ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, and religion would simply not exist. I do not believe war is necessary. I believe that a state of equilibrium can be reached without it, but in order for that to occur, trust and respect for other people, most especially whatever it is tha…

Room by Emma Donoghue...a review and then some

Can you imagine having your freedom… your life… taken in an instant simply because someone decided you would be the perfect addition to their life? Emma Donoghue creates a complete life for characters, Jack and his mom, within the boundary of a single room. Room is told from the point of view of five-year old Jack, and therefore, is an extremely easy and quick read. And it is good that it is such a speedy read because this is definitely a book that pushed me along to finish in order to find resolution.

I don’t want to give away the story and so I will just entice by noting a few details that I found to be intriguing. Jack’s perception of his life with his mom is great. He spends every day with his mom and they participate in a variety of activities. He has absolutely no understanding that there is more to life outside the room…and he really has no desire to leave his state of contentment. This innocence was frustrating for my jaded mind at times. Nevertheless, Room is an interesting r…

My Latest Endeavor

For the last few years I have had this vision of living a more self-sustaining lifestyle. This is partially in response to my overall contempt for how the majority of our foods- specifically meat, vegetables, and fruits- are raised and processed. This idea also stems from my desire to have the knowledge and skills to simply be able to provide for myself. However, to actually attain this goal is an extensive undertaking, and so I'm taking it step by step in hopes that one day I might be able to experience this way of life.

For now, I try my best to eat and purchase foods as truly "organic" as possible. I try to make and eat most meals at home so that I'm the one in charge of every ingredient that goes in to the dish. I try to avoid purchasing "meals-ready-to-eat" for this very same reason. I'm not perfect, we do eat out on occasion, but it is definitely not the norm for us. [Side note: I do greatly enjoy Odwalla bars- shout out to the Dark Chocolate Wal…

Oh Groundhog Day...

Every year on this day instead of thinking groundhog, I am reminded of Bill Murray and what ultimately becomes his pursuit of Andie Macdowell, day after day, as he is forced to repeat February 2nd as some kind of It’s a Wonderful Life-esque obligatory life lesson. Some days he legitimately tries to win her over with his kindness and attention to detail (all of which is acquired information from the days previous). Some days though he acts like a real ass, because he knows he’s just going to end up right back where he started that same morning. I completely feel like I can relate and my guess is that there are others out there just like me.
Does anyone truly like his or her job, and I mean really enjoy it? The kind of like or love for a job where you wake up excited to get started, and then find it difficult to end your day. I have struggled with this idea for well over a year now. And yes, I realize how fortunate I am to consider this my struggle when many people around the world don…