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It has been rough this last week watching the events in Japan clash, one disaster after another, like dominoes. It would be ridiculous for me to say that I have struggled over this, even though this is how I feel, when there are so many people RIGHT NOW struggling for balance. It is so hard to imagine people who have lost family and friends, who have lost their homes, who don’t have access to food and clean water, and now those who are facing radiation exposure.
Yesterday, I read how the U.S. and Japanese governments have urged Americans (and other foreigners) to leave the country. Obviously, this is a precaution and may or may not ultimately be a necessity, but it makes me wonder what then is in store for the nationals left behind. Four American bases are insisting that the military families evacuate. This includes Camp Zama, an Army base and Yokosuka, a Navy base. The names of these places may not mean much to some people, but they aren’t just foreign places to me.
Ten years ago I p…