My Teacher Qualification Roadmap

Merit pay, by design, is a means to establish teacher accountability assuming that this will then ensure strong pathways of education for our students. However, this idea, most often held by those outside of education, is ill equipped to negotiate, and most importantly, tackle the root of the problem. Basing pay on test scores does two things. It sidesteps a major philosophical belief in which students themselves are no longer accountable for their own education. An inherent desire to learn and succeed is no longer necessary. By rating students solely on their scores we are taking the desire to learn out of the equation completely and replacing it with a desire to simply "pass". What will this ultimately teach them in the real world...and in the job market? As for teachers, the outlook is not any better. Limited to standards, and practice tests, and test predictor tests, and review for the state tests, teachers are forced to make their way through assessment after assessment as a means to "teach" their content areas in hopes that their students "pass". We are unable to actually teach. To me this says that all of the work I did to become a teacher was unnecessary, essentially beside the point.

I guess what stands out to me as something many people don't understand is that teachers have typically accomplished quite a bit to be in that classroom. I know that some believe that teaching is an occupation chosen after an individual "can't make it elsewhere". But I don't see that. And so I created a little roadmap showcasing exactly what I did to become a teacher and to maintain my certification.

The link will take you to my teacher roadmap poster on a really cool site that allows teachers and students to create electronic versions of posters and such for projects. (Thank you Tyler and your assignment which gave me the idea). I would love to hear what you think.

My Teacher Qualification Roadmap


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