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The Last Day of School

[Preface] Tuesday was the last day of the 2010-2011 school year. My students had already had their "graduation" or moving up day, all of their projects and final assessments were finished, and they even had their field day the day before. Naturally the students came to school with a bit of a "we're doing work attitude?" on the last day. Some may call me a hard-ass in these situations because I always have something for them to do (mostly because I don't want to just babysit a bunch of kids with nothing to do). And so each of my classes wrote a creative writing response to the following prompt... including me. 
"Write a story about a town that runs out of its sugar supply"
My story, which my students thought was hilarious simply because I chose one trouble-making 8th grader as the main character, follows [all names changed etc...].
Tuesday, May 24th was a beautiful, sun-filled day. For some it was made even better due to it being the last day of schoo…