Summer arrived earlier than usual for us now that we are on Arizona's school year, and to celebrate each of us signing contracts for the 2011-2012 school year, we decided a little something was in order...
 The latest additions to our family. Welcome Home!

Little did we know how much money, physical labor, and dedication this decision would ultimately require of us. I wasn't completely ignorant of the cost, but there were a few elements that we overlooked in our haste to purchase the perfect kayaks. Yes, I already have a kayak, but alas, it is in Washington, and it is currently a sister kayak for my parents'. Not only was it implausible to retrieve "Old Blue", it simply did not seem right to break up the pair. 

So, off to Dick's Sporting Goods we went just "to look around". However, within fifteen seconds of my riding up the escalator, there she was, strapped precariously to the railing. "The Lovely Lady", as I like to call her, caught my eye immediately, and I just knew she and I were going to get along famously. That's her in the rusty orange. Isn't she beautiful?

Two, count them two, storage areas are just a few of the wonderful amenities this lovely lady has to offer, and the back storage is the entire back of the kayak...plenty of room for a tent and sleeping bag, as well as any other camping necessity. Technically, they are fishing kayaks. They even have fishing pole holders! What I'd really like to do is get a big beach umbrella opened up (using the pole holder), throw out an anchor, and just float around. I pretty much guarantee this will happen at some point. Anyway it happened to be Dick's "Boating Blowout" or whatever, and our kayaks were two hundred dollars less! Obviously we had to get them...right?  

Day 1, Imagine the following as a game board with the ultimate goal being our maiden voyage. Therefore, since the kayaks were on sale Tyler and Danielle move forward a space. However, this is where the first of many glitches occur.

Glitch #1-- We had no way to transport them home. Danielle and Tyler move back a space.

Sadly, we had to leave our babies at the store with absolutely no guarantee that they would still be there when we returned, if we returned. After pleading with the salesman at Dick's he said he would hold them for an hour, and told us of a bike shop that sold the entire Thule system of roof racks for cars as they only carried the kayak attachments portion. Tyler and Danielle move forward a space.

Glitch #2-- The bike shop only had a few of the pieces we needed, and the cost was ALREADY more than both kayaks put together. We decide it just wasn't working out.  Danielle and Tyler move back a space.

During our super sad drive home I remembered that Home Depot had little pickup trucks for rent, or at least they did in Washington. We drove past just to be sure and there he was, all white and banged up, and looking amazing. We were exhausted at this point so we decided to look online at home for all the details. Tyler and Danielle move forward a space.

Glitch #3--Online, it appears that one must show proof of purchase within Home Depot to verify the necessity of the pickup. Danielle and Tyler move back to the beginning.

We admitted defeat and I cried myself to sleep. 

Day 2, Tyler called Home Depot and discovered that we could use their truck and it is only $19.95 for an hour! Tyler and Danielle move forward a space.

Tyler called Dick's to see if our kayaks were still there...and they were! Tyler and Danielle move forward a space. 

We purchase our beauties, paddles, life jackets, and some dry bags, and drop everything off at the house.  Tyler and Danielle move forward a space. 

We didn't make the hour cut off for the pickup, but the guy who was working at Home Depot didn't care because it was his last week. He didn't charge us extra! Tyler and Danielle move forward a space. 

Days 3-6, The days that follow are a bit of a blur with us going back and forth to Home Depot to create space for our kayaks in our garage, as well as Tyler calling every single Thule carrier looking for the parts we needed for our roof rack system.  Danielle and Tyler move back to the beginning.

Tyler heard about REI's Memorial Day Sale during his call-a-thon. We purchased all of our Thule parts except one, on sale. Tyler and Danielle move forward a space. 

We have to drive to Phoenix for the last piece. Danielle and Tyler move back a space.

All of the pieces for the rack system work!  Tyler and Danielle move forward two spaces. 
We seriously battle with the drywall in the garage and finding studs. I swear it was not our fault. We even have one of those stud finders.  Danielle and Tyler move back a space.

But, in the end it looked great! Tyler and Danielle move forward. 

And finally...our maiden voyage. [Winners!]Saguaro Lake. Don't ask about the parking permit issue. 
Good thing it is summer vacation!





  1. Loved the story! Maybe we can try them out at some point.



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