Desert Pentathlon- Extreme Heat Edition

Since moving to Arizona Tyler and I have kept ourselves occupied pretty well getting to know the area, and mostly just enjoying the ability to be outside. However, the summertime heat has limited us a bit. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying the warmer weather + not knowing a lot of people = the two of us amusing ourselves however we can...and we can only have so many dance parties.

You might remember the Desert Decathlon that took place earlier this year. Well, we had so much fun, I decided to create its sister event, the 4th of July Desert Pentathlon- The Extreme Heat Edition. It was actually a cool 100 degrees outside, perfect for the five water events that were planned.

Event 1: Underwater swimming--how many lengths underwater without any breaths.
We knew there would be no way to keep the dogs from participating. Tyler and I agreed from the start that the pups would be additional obstacles that had to be dealt with. This is Leah swimming directly over top of me. 

Event 2: Duck Basketball--throwing 40 ducks into a bucket from two distances.

Event 3: Underwater Rocket Gather--14 toys hidden by the opponent.
This is Leah "assisting" Tyler.
Event 4: Individual Paddle (not pictured)- Each contestant started at simultaneously and had to keep the ball up with the paddle as long as they could.

Event 5: Greased Watermelon Contest--Each participant's goal was to get the vaseline-covered watermelon to their side of the pool.
Slippery little sucker!

Event 1- Underwater Swimming Winner: Danielle 4:3
Event 2: Duck Basketball Winner: Tyler 4:3
Event 3: Underwater Rocket Gather Winner: Danielle 45 seconds: 1:05
Event 4: Individual Paddle Winner Tyler -won best out of three
Event 5: Greased Watermelon Winner Tyler 

Jello Cheesecake for the winners!!

We are always accepting new participant registration!!


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