Summertime Sal-libation (Choice Cocktails)

Official Drink Menu of Choice

Summer vacation is winding down. Work is just around the corner. It is time to share The Official Drink Menu of Choice, while I still have a free moment. Some serious time was spent perfecting these recipes--researching, experimenting, and probably the most grueling (and time consuming) component, taste-testing. I know what you’re thinking—“What a sacrifice”, “What a commitment”. But don’t worry about me. I did this so you don’t have to. 

Guarantee: The following recipes (in no particular order) are 100 percent approved (by me) to taste great, and are recommended for anyone (over the age of 21). 

 Lazy Days Lemonade © (Original masterpiece right here)


         - A “juiceman” or some such juicer 
         - ½ lemon per every two apples is the basic recipe

[Punch bowl amount to serve many people, many times over]
         - 3-4 lemons
         - 12-18 apples depending on size
         - one fifth of vodka
         - one bottle of champagne
         - plenty of ice

Step 1: Juice two apples and one half lemon as many times as needed to tally up your quota.
Step 2: Add vodka, champagne, ice, and stir.
Step 3: Enjoy while floating down a river or sitting by a pool.
This is by far the best lemonade I’ve ever had—with alcohol or without!

Major-ly Simple Margaritas 


                - 1 part tequila
            - 1 part lime
                            - 1/2 part agave nectar
               - 2 parts water

Step 1: Mix all ingredients together and serve on the rocks.

 I used to love the idea of a margarita, but ultimately not the drink. That is simply not the case here.

Muddle-Free Mint Mojitooooos (Courtesy of the Albrights)

            - 4 limes
            - 4 lemons
            - 1 cup sugar
            - 1 cup water
            - Bottle of Soda Water (one liter)
            - 1 Big Bottle of Vodka (750 ml) or Rum (Rob suggests    
              Vodka, as “it is cleaner”)
            - 1 package/bunch of mint

Step 1: Make simple syrup. Combine sugar and water in a pot and bring to a boil. Once it boils, add             mint and remove from heat. (10 mins)
Step 2: Juice all lemons and limes, and put into a large pitcher. [Squeezing also works]
Step 3: Add vodka and soda water to pitcher.
Step 4: Strain mint from simple syrup and pour into pitcher.
Step 5: Rob says, “Drink mojito with your pinky out.”

Bloody Mary

            - 1 12oz can of V-8 (to taste)
            - 2 shots of vodka (doubl-ay if you will)
            - a few peperoncinis
            - a few asparagus spears
            - Demetris’ Bloody Mary Seasoning
            - ½ shot of clam juice (optional-I like it)

Step 1: Mix all ingredients together and serve on the rocks.

Don’t skip the asparagus spears. They are not optional and ridiculously better than stupid celery.

Mint Shaker ©  
(The second of my own concoctions to make the list. What can I say; I know what I like.)
            - 1 part vodka 
            - ½  part Crème de menthe
            - ½  part Crème de cacao
            - 1 part milk (I prefer vanilla soy)
            - ice
            - ½ part Frangelico (optional)

Step 1: Pour all ingredients into a martini shaker. Shake well!   Like drinking a grasshopper cookie. Deliciously delectable. 

                                                THE Long Island of Long Islands (Courtesy of B. A.)

            - 1 part vodka
            - 1 part gin
            - 1 part tequila
            - 1 part rum
            - 1 part triple sec
            - 2 parts simple syrup
            - 1.67 parts lemon juice
            - Splash of coke
            - Garnish with lemon
Step 1: Make simple syrup by combining sugar and water in a pot. Bring to a boil.   Step 2: Mix all ingredients and serve over ice in a highball glass.        
You shan’t need another long island recipe after trying this, and the pre-fabs will taste like garbage.  

 Butterscotch Bailey’s Bang ©
- 1 1/2 parts Butterscotch Schnapps
- 1 1/2 parts Baileys Irish Cream
- 2 parts milk
- ice

Step 1: Pour all ingredients into a martini shaker. Shake Well!
It's like butterscotch drops in yo' mouth!   

Side Car (Courtesy of B. A.)

            - 2 parts Hennessey
            - 1 part Triple Sec
            - 1 part lemon juice
            - Splash of simple syrup
            - ice

Step 1: Make simple syrup by combining sugar and water in a pot. Bring to a boil.   
Step 2: Mix all ingredients, including simple syrup, in a martini shaker.
The classy drink for the classy drinker.            
Mocha Fudgy Latte Pudding Shot ©  

     - 1 (small) chocolate fudge pudding package
     - ½ cup kahlua
     - ½ cup whipped cream infused vodka
     - ¾ cup cream
     - 4 oz cool whip folded in        

Step 1: Mix all ingredients except cool whip.  
Step 2: Fold in cool whip slowly.      
Step 3: Refrigerate for a few hours or freeze for ½ time.   
Summertime Sweet Punch (another juiceman especial)

            - 1 pint strawberries (washed, stems removed)
            - ¼ pineapple (skin removed)
            - big bunch of red grapes (washed, stems removed)
            - 1-2 shots of Rum
            - seltzer topper
            - ice
Step 1: Juice ingredients.
Step 2: Add Rum and Seltzer
Step 3: Enjoy with your bev-vy while relaxing in the sun.   
This is not my favorite drink ever, but it is fruity for summertime fun!      
And lastly, The Distinguished Drink Award goes to...

Old Faithful- Vodka/Water     
            - 1 part vodka
            - 1 part water
            - ½  part lemon or lime or both
            - ice                                                                                           
Step 1: Mix ingredients and drink. It is that simple.
The drink for the drinker who doesn’t like to spend time making drinks.


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