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Perhaps I should have taken the conversation I had with Ingrid a little more seriously. Maybe I should not have tossed it aside as drunken chatter, because when she asked me what kind of ring I wanted, that is just what I did. Salt River Tubing reminds me of the t-shirts Tyler and I brought home from the pub crawl we went on in Rome professing it to be the night we'd "never forget remember". That's not exactly how the pub crawl went, but it describes our recent tubing adventures pretty accurately.

My best guess is we were in our 4th or 5th hour of the float sustaining ourselves primarily on Bloody Marys (for breakfast) and skittles vodka (for lunch). While other participants may routinely complete the trip in four to five hours, our time seems to extend itself due to our, rather unnecessary, rules of shot-gunning beers at any available beach area that appears inviting.

So perhaps, all of my synapses weren't functioning as they should, and so not only did I deflect …