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David's Bridal

David's Bridal- "making dreams come true for life's most special occasions"...if you plan on spending an amount viewed worthwhile by the saleswoman who has been assigned to work with you. I'm not, which is why I ultimately left feeling like a 16th century pauper instead of having my dreams come true.

For some reason I keep replaying this image of Cinderella scrubbing the floor, clutching her dirty, well-worn apron to her chest as her step-sisters twirl around her, showing off their new gowns for the ball. That is how I felt, pushed aside, deep into the recesses of the store while I watched girls up on pedestal stages presenting their changes of dress to an audience of family and friends seated below. My mirror, in the back corner of the store, wasn't even a full sheet so half of my body was on one side, and half was on the other.

I guess I'm not completely surprised that during this experience I felt like an outsider. Every other girl appeared completely…