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Fall of Society

Now, I by no means consider myself to be any sort of historian nor expert of civilizations past, but I think I get the basic idea of how some societies reached their pinnacle of success only to decline just as substantially.

I don't want to scare anyone...but I think we as a society have reached that point, and I'll tell you why.

Most people wouldn't think that I have a monthly subscription to Cosmopolitan. It is very not me, but for some ridiculous reason, I "enjoy" reading it. I say "enjoy" because I'm pretty sure the bulk of any Cosmo related conversation relayed by me is done so with such intense disgust that I really have no idea why I continue to read it other than to be appalled at what this "ladies" magazine considers newsworthy and what bullshit advice they are currently spouting out. As a sidenote, Tyler found a subscription on groupon for $8 a year, and since an issue is essentially the same cost, I don't really feel as though…