New Homeowners = Personalized Message Board

In case you may have missed it, I am now a co-homeowner for the first time in my life, and now I have all kinds of projects swirling around in my head... home improvement-esque types of projects. And naturally, the first project we decided to tackle was our homemade message board, because this was quite obviously the most crucial to our daily functioning. Right? Hell yes it was!

Step 1: Supplies

We decided to make two options for our message board: a magnetic side and a chalkboard side. Home Depot and Lowe's carry the special types of paint. You will not believe how heavy the magnetic paint...nor how hard it is to get that sh*# off. Tip: do not attempt to wash the roller off using your hands. Seriously, I had a minor panic attack when the paint began spreading over my hands but not actually coming off. Not a joke, ask Tyler. 

Step 2: Choose Location

We chose a garage wall (in case it turned out know).

Step 3: Design Your Design

Originally, this idea was going to happen in the office on the closet door, but I wasn't quite ready for that kind of commitment not knowing how the plan (and the paint) would actually "pan" out. My mental image of this project was more of a window, but Tyler, being the mathematician that he is, voted for a hexagon. He said, "the sum of the interior angles of a polygon can be found by taking the number of sides, subtracting two, and multiplying by 180. Divide this by the number of sides to get the measure of one angle of a regular polygon." I said, "you do it". And so voila. I made the lightning bolt inside without the help of math. 

Step 4: Paint (scary)

Everybody's always like, "Oh, painting is such an easy fix". As soon as I felt the weight of the magnetic paint I knew the thick tar would not be easily covered. Nope. It was scary at first, but fine after I dropped a little on the floor and just went with it. 

It took three coats with multiple days of students asking what was all over my hands to reasonably cover the white and fill in the texture on the wall. 

Step 5: Project Complete

We ordered four different word poem kits from Magnetic Poetry: Shakespeare, Erotic, D-bag, and a little box of obscenities. My personal favorite is to mix the Shakespearean English with the Erotic. It is an automatic companion. It is for this very reason, that I have not provided any close up shots of our "poetry" thus far, and why i'm a little embarrassed to show anyone our board. 

I found a box of street chalk in one of my boxes of teaching supplies that I'm pretty sure I obtained from the dollar store. The chalk just wipes of with a wet rag. Awesome. 

Home improvement project #1 analysis--Wall in garage, much improved.  In fact, we spent the other night "writing messages"with the dogs, and sharing a lovely bottle of red wine. 


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