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Woman Problems


I just had my third copoloscopy today. For anyone unfamiliar, a "copo" is a procedure that involves pap smear-like equipment to check out the cervix and surrounding areas. The doc uses some sort of vinegar solution that makes the abnormal cells stand out. Then they biopsy the offending areas to check them out further.

I have "abnormal cells". I've had "abnormal cells" show up on numerous paps, probably since I was 20. The problem with "abnormal cells" is that the virus, HPV, is sometimes the culprit. HPV is, as explained to me by those in the medical field, a ridiculously prevalent virus for females who are not virgins. For many young women, HPV is not really an issue. The body heals itself fairly easily. However, as we age, our bodies' ability to give the virus the boot is not quite as easy, I guess. Sometimes the virus progresses to additional stages that then could progress to cervical cancer if untrea…

C. D. Payne is Alive.

In observance of the fact that it has been almost a year since my last book review, I feel it is only appropriate that I resurface with a collection of work from Mr. C. D. Payne.

Okay, I'm about to get real honest with you...and just know before I do, that this is me clearly showcasing my own ignorance. About six years ago, a good friend let me borrow her copy of Youth in Revolt. It is my recollection that after telling me I'd like it, she also mentioned that it was sad because C. D. Payne had actually died, and this was his only book--his mom, having discovered the book postmortem, had the work published.  I mention this little dialogue, not to embarrass said friend, but to express how sincerely bummed I was after actually reading Youth in Revolt, when I foundmyself absolutely smitten with it.

This last year I was reunited with the rest of my belongings, including my own copy of Youth in Revolt. I read it again, re-watched the movie version, and for whatever reason took my d…

On to the Next One...

I have heard from more than one person that work is...well work, and that you shouldn't necessarily expect to enjoy it. In fact, I've known some to hold the belief that it should just be assumed work will suck because...well, it's work.

But, I don't feel that way. Not at all.

Perhaps, I have the "audacity" to free myself of certain hinderances because while Leah and Latimore sure as shit eat a ton of food and biscuits, my responsibilities to provide for them are pretty much finished with their food intake. They would be content sleeping in my car, or in a tent, or outside in general--as long as they were with me. They don't need much more. I think adults with children have a much larger picture to consider before making decisions to stay or go at a job that doesn't seem to fit them.

For me, this will be my second job that I have elected to leave. On my way home today, I began to wonder what others who stay in the positions I have chosen to move on fro…