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The Luckiest

Way back in 2009, when Tyler and I were first dating he made a CD for me. It included Lil Wayne, Justin Timberlake, Green know, all the greats. It also had songs that he said were some of his favorites. "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds was on that CD. Tyler and I probably weren't at a point in our relationship where we were experiencing the exact sentiment expressed in the song, but I absolutely remember thinking how beautiful it was. 

I think that tomorrow is our one month anniversary, although I'm not completely sure because it is summer vacation after all. Can I just say that I never thought I'd get married...that I wasn't the kind of girl to marry. And it is so funny, and so completely true, that I thought those things because I wasn't with Tyler. He is my perfect "other". And no, not just because he's so stupidly attractive, that even when he's hungover, or sick, or self deprecating himself in some way, he still looks good. It&…

Shades of Grey Series E. L. James ...a review

E. L. James appears to be an innovator...taking the typical romance novel a whole escalator ride above the normal "vanilla" sex (to use her terminology) that most readers of this genre are familiar. My assumption, as this is not my typical choice in reading material, is that most romance novels do not include "relationships" that incorporate dominant and submissive scenarios. However, my only experience with romance novels is very limited so I can't even say that with confidence.

What I can say is... Marian Keyes is a very good writer of "women's literature". She writes with so much wit that she is easily the only "romance novelist" I've ever truly taken the time to read, and enjoy. She not only creates such wonderful male characters that upon finishing each novel it has been hard for me to say goodbye, she creates a realistic plot that a normal girl might find herself in. I imagine that this would be the goal in this type of novel.…

Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins...a review

My plan for this summer's book club is to cover those books that fall into one very specific category... "popular" series books, young adult or adult; a category that I have purposefully eluded due to their immense popularity among the masses. I know, I'm such a snob. However, while I love providing reading suggestions to my students that don't fall into this category, I can now see the benefit of so many people caught up in the moment. My niece, Julia, attended my wedding wearing the Mockingjay medallion on a necklace. While Julia is a reader by nature, so many of my other students this past year were not. And yet, they urged me over and over to read the series. Now THAT is an educator's dream, no matter what the novel. 

Luckily for me, I enjoyed the entire series, because I've never before read something that so many others were reading. People, both adults and kids, stopped by to discuss the book with me at the pool as I floated around reading. I'm …

The Manly Bloody

--So complete it requires its own post!

Last summer I became very friendly with THE Bloody Mary, combining multiple recipes that suited my exact needs into one delicious concoction. You can find it in my Summertime Salivations post.  This whole last year, I battled with an intense desire to test out some new ideas versus my ability to function in normal society, because as everyone knows Bloody Mary's are not an evening drink. One must commit to daytime taste testing. 

An opportunity to do this occurred this past weekend when we traveled to Bisbee, Arizona for a weekend away with some friends. In order to make The Manly Bloody, you have to be ready to spend some time preparing, but I will tell you, without any question or doubt, these are worth it. And as it turned out I had plenty of time on Saturday to take on this project due to my opting out of the Bisbee Mine Tour, after paying, because I had a panic attack 100 ft into the mine-- but that is a story for another post. I'll …

Pudding Shots Part 3- Wedding Shots

A variety, or melee, of drinks were available during our wedding weekend. Pudding shots naturally made an appearance. Technically, they were to be part of the wedding desserts, intended for each guest to imbibe along with their creation from the cake pop dessert bar, but to be honest we forgot all about the pudding shots until some guests had already said their goodbyes. Sad for them.

For some reason, I made the decision to make all of the pudding shots using Half n Half instead of the heavy whipping cream I've previously used. The taste wasn't different, but the consistency was. I like when the pudding shots are more of a thick creamy pudding that when frozen appear like ice cream. What I noticed this time is the pudding shots separated as you ate them, making part of the concoction soupy. Since replacing the heavy whipping cream with a substitute was the only change I made, I won't  make that change again, and I am writing the recipe as if I had used the whipping cream.