The Manly Bloody

--So complete it requires its own post!

Last summer I became very friendly with THE Bloody Mary, combining multiple recipes that suited my exact needs into one delicious concoction. You can find it in my Summertime Salivations post.  This whole last year, I battled with an intense desire to test out some new ideas versus my ability to function in normal society, because as everyone knows Bloody Mary's are not an evening drink. One must commit to daytime taste testing. 

An opportunity to do this occurred this past weekend when we traveled to Bisbee, Arizona for a weekend away with some friends. In order to make The Manly Bloody, you have to be ready to spend some time preparing, but I will tell you, without any question or doubt, these are worth it. And as it turned out I had plenty of time on Saturday to take on this project due to my opting out of the Bisbee Mine Tour, after paying, because I had a panic attack 100 ft into the mine-- but that is a story for another post. I'll just say Val and I had an hour to put these babies together, while the men finished up the tour, and I'd wager that these are my best ever.

Ingredients: I've learned that I really love most things pickled, but for these particular bloody's I would include the following ingredients.

-Bloody Mary seasoning sauce (Demetri's)
-garlic stuffed olives
-banana peppers or peperoncinis cut at least in half
-green beans (thanks for the addition Victoria)
-pickled asparagus spears 

the meat:

-lil chubs, thick pepperoni sticks (the fatties at the bottom of the picture bought specifically because of the name). They were the second best part of The Manly Bloody in my opinion, and will continue to make an appearance in the future.
-original jerky (this was not our favorite part...and will not show up again)
-mini slim jims (perfect size for drinks)

the shrimp: 

-raw shrimp (remove tails and shell)
-minced garlic
-lime juice
**Saute oil and garlic. Add shrimp. As the shrimp begin to pink, add lime juice and cilantro, until cooked completely--You will love this!**

--V8 and Vodka to taste. I don't have exact measurements because that's not really how I do what I do.  Trust that you'll be just fine with the ingredients, especially on your second one.

I like to put everything on little toothpicks. The left side of the pic shows the "vegetarian" version.


-Saute the shrimp following the instructions above. Shrimp are ready when pink through. 
-While the shrimp are cooking, set up your cups with ice and 1 1/2 shots of vodka. 
-Add some squirts of the Bloody Mary Seasoning Sauce.
-Add V8, or Tomato Juice, or Clamato leaving enough room for your selected additions. ( I usually like V8 with clam juice, but left it out this time because of the shrimp).
-Add juices from various pickled and peppered additions. This is key.
-Add all of your chosen accoutrements on little toothpicks.
-Sprinkle some bacon bits (real bacon bits), or salt and pepper on top just for fun. 

I want one now.


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