My lil' Leah

Yesterday was an extremely rough day. When I woke up to let the pups out, Leah couldn't really walk. All day she struggled to stand, to move a few feet, and to just sit. Her legs were so weak and shaky she couldn't even lift her legs enough to climb onto her doggy bed.

It is the absolute worst feeling to sit next to her and not be able to help her in anyway. I cried all day wondering if I would know how bad it was going to get for her, wondering if she was able to get better from this, wondering if she was in pain...wondering if I had to take her to the vet to have her go to sleep. I know that some people (non-pet people) won't understand, but I kept thinking to myself how unfair it was. She's only 6.

Early in the day I had moved her food and water to be closer to her, and she continued her daily habits which at least let me know she was kind of okay. I blew up an air mattress last night and put it right in the middle of the living room. I helped her onto the mattress and that is where we slept last night. This morning, she got up off the mattress a little slow, but has been moving around fairly normal ever since. We even went for a walk around the block, and I was telling Tyler how she was acting like someone who just got out of jail- stopping to appreciate every smell, looking all over taking in the views of the neighborhood. It was pretty awesome.

I remember when she was completing her first round of medicine for valley fever she had good days and bad...I guess yesterday was just a really, really bad day. The terrible part is that I have no idea. I worry that her medicine is creating side effects. I worry that it isn't acting fast enough. I just worry in general. I even scoped out the house looking for a scorpion that may have stung her and maybe messed up her movement temporarily. Who knows.

All I know is...valley fever, you are most definitely, one messed up sickness.


  1. Poor doggy and poor mamma! I hope she's okay. Scorpion sting sounds reasonable but watch her of course and talk to a vet. I lost a 5 yr old doggy to cushings and diabetes.... Didn't know he had either until it was too late. Had to put him to sleep, one of my sadder winters. I get it.


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