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2012 Desert Decathlon

A day in pictures...

Over Thanksgiving weekend, Tyler and I had the pleasure of hosting our second annual Desert Decathlon. A 200% participant increase from our last competition (2 players to 6), definitely raised the stakes for all involved.

Event 1: Desert Run Relay--Team Cat Daddy Win

Love for my Students

[Update 1/7/13--I now only need 4 more copies of The Absolutely True Diary and 3 more copies of The Glass Castle!!!]

Some of you already know that I teach at an alternative high school. The easiest, and most concise way to describe our "client base", is to say we house students who have not been successful in other schools. Detailing out how drugs, fighting, pregnancy, low- Socio Economic Status (SES) and/or super horrible home-lives stereotypically (and accurately) plague a large percentage of our students' lives might create a more vivid picture. Additionally, a high percentage of our students receive modifications and accommodations to their curriculum because they have Individual Education Plans (IEP) and/or 504 plans (providing equal education for students with physical disabilities).

I'm sure all of my teacher friends have a pretty good idea of what this population might actually look like in the classroom--what that might mean for daily instruction. Trying to …