2012 Desert Decathlon

A day in pictures...

Over Thanksgiving weekend, Tyler and I had the pleasure of hosting our second annual Desert Decathlon. A 200% participant increase from our last competition (2 players to 6), definitely raised the stakes for all involved.

Team Canada, Grammar Nazis (Redditors), Team Cat Daddy

Event 1: Desert Run Relay--Team Cat Daddy Win

Event 2: Pickle Ball Tournament-- Team Cat Daddy Win

Event 3: Bean Bag Toss-- Team Canada Win

Event 4: Ladder Ball--Team Canada Win

Event 5: Blindfolded Wheelbarrow--Team Cat Daddy Win

1/2 of the Grammar Nazis showing what a real push up looks like. (So many memes so little time--Overly Manly Man)

Event 6: Swim Floaty Relay--Team Cat Daddy Win

Event 7: Bottoms Up (Minute to Win It)-- Team Cat Daddy Win

Event 8: Broomski Ball (Minute to Win It)-- Team Grammar Nazis (Redditors) Win

Event 9: Bucket Head-- Team Cat Daddy Win

Event 10: Jenga-- No Winner

Has anyone seen my lemon juice?


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