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Hey Jealousy

One of my students told me they wrote an essay about me in their online class. I'm not sure specifically what was in it, but they said it was a thank you. While very nice to hear, I share it not as a "hey look at me" while I'm patting myself on the back type of attention whore stage show. Instead, I provide it more as evidence to show how teaching at times can feel soooo right, like the days when every single word that leaves my mouth is purposeful and effective, and the lesson I've designed for the day is so flawless that even the most picky of observers can't find fault, and the kids are laughing and learning, and their feeding off of each other's desire to understand, and they don't once, not a single time sigh, yawn, or utter the words, "why do we have to do this" and "this is stupid",  and no one is asking to go to the bathroom to avoid whatever we are doing, and no one has fallen asleep.

The other days though, the o…

Story Short--The Banana Lady

Some might remember the story I'm about to share, because some of you might have read a version of it all the way back in Myspace land. Just like my Skydive Switzerland Story Short, I don't even know how many drafts I've written previously of the Banana Lady. I found one from about five years ago while organizing my writing files over winter break and I didn't love here goes take 23.

You know how on vacation you tend to meet people you probably wouldn't otherwise encounter...and you do things you probably wouldn't otherwise do. Well, I'd like to say it was just such a situation that led me to seek out the Banana Lady...except it wasn't. Once I heard about her, my mind decided right then it would not let up until I saw her perform. If she would have existed in Olympia, Washington I probably would have sought her out there too. But, as it were, my entertainment destiny took place in a little island known as Okinawa.

Ahhh...Okinawa. A tiny island j…

Who Exactly Would I Be?

When I was eighteen turning nineteen, I spent an entire summer driving across the United States with a friend. We drove my 1982 Toyota Corolla station wagon some 7,500 miles, essentially creating a large rectangle as we ticked across most of the perimeter states. Looking back, this was easily my first real independent experience as a young adult. For those three months it was just us deciding the day's destination. Even though both of us worked, I'm pretty sure it was the first extended time either of us truly had to ensure our essentials were covered . We budgeted, we shopped for food, and we cooked our food using our camping gear. When we were in between destinations, we mainly camped. It was such a great experience for two young girls wanting a little more than the norm.

We met people all along the way and for me, I now consider this trip to be the pre-curser to my travels outside of the states. I realized that I could do kind of scary, kind of intimidating pursuits like th…

Boom! 30-Day Challenge

I was perusing the interweb this afternoon looking for some "let's be successful" motivational clips for my students when I found this clip by Matt Cutts (it's only three minutes, watch it). He has taken Morgan Spurlock's (Supersize Me) 30 day challenge and made it his own. It not only looks like he's altered his own life's capacity for fun, but it's like he's continually inspiring himself to be a better person.

And so I'm going to go for it...and so are my students because they have to. I would love to have some adults take on some personal changes with me if you are into it. Here is the assignment for any of you brave enough to try. (You don't have to do the written assignment portion if you choose to do this (smirk), but you probably want to check out the pre-project requirements to pump yourself up with inspiration.) Also, I would love to hear about your progress and overall experience. I'll even post it up here if you want, or no…