Sunday Sorrows

Ah...the Sunday sorrows have begun to seep into certain members of the Anderson household (I won't name names). Once arrived, it is almost impossible to extract oneself from their negative pulldown amid an otherwise perfectly wonderful Sunday afternoon and evening.

I can't speak for everyone, nor are my sentiments reflective of every single Sunday, but this portion of my weekend is most often consumed by lesson planning-- and is not always exciting. Perhaps this particular onset of the sorrows is due to half of the state standardized tests occurring this upcoming week. Reading and writing are to be assessed and while the actual testing only effects about half of our students- it is very difficult to plan for my classes.

In theory, we are supposed to create lessons to hold those students not testing accountable, however, we are also not supposed to create lessons which would cause the students who are testing to miss anything "important". Wrap your mind around that one.

And so, I've avoided any preparation thus far. We cleaned house, went food shopping, and I spent a pretty comfortable amount of time on the computer doing a whole lot of nothing.

Plus, I spent a LOT of time last week preparing for the multi-day-long intensive reading and writing workshops intended to punish assist our students. This test may not seem like a big deal but for my students who are seniors and still need to pass in order to graduate, it is a shit-ton of pressure, both for them and me. Overall it was an exhausting week and I'm just not ready to push play and repeat.


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