Dear Billie Joe Armstrong

Dear Billie Joe-

You don't mind my calling you Billie Joe, do you? Last names are such a formality and to be completely honest, I "feel" as if we are already on a first name basis. My name is Danielle by the way and I'm writing to tell you that my husband, Tyler, is in love with you. I'm sure you hear that all the time.

Love stories such as this cause me to wonder if you realize the impact you have on your fans, the connections they create with you and your music, and your words, and the energy you put into every single show. I could not even begin to delineate which Green Day song is his "favorite"; attractions to multiple songs dictated by his varying moods. I can however, share how it is not just about the music for him. It is your person, your in-the-moment-fuck-you-attitude that he probably secretly wishes he could embody on a daily basis. That attitude, as attractive as it is, is kind of a hard sell in the teaching profession. He may not be able to incorporate the "Billie Joe attitude" into his daily high school math lessons but he certainly shares his passions, like you do with your audiences, with his students.

He recently sang and played the opening notes of "Good Riddance" as part of an anticipatory set (teacher talk for getting the students motivated for the day's lesson). He's played Green Day videos for his students and he even brought in a Green Day CD to show them as a prop for a lesson in Systems of Equations where students had to determine how many CD's or cassette tapes they could purchase for a set amount of money.

I would never be so bold as to claim he is your number #1 fan, as I'm sure there are many more qualified, many more creepy, stalker-esque fans of yours that meet the necessary criteria. My husband is  simply a fan, has been since 1995, when he was ten years old. His appreciation for Green Day's music has increased with each new album.

He has seen Green Day live six times: Tacoma, Seattle, and Everett Washington as well as Phoenix, Arizona two summers ago. [I personally was exhausted by the end of Green Day's Phoenix, Arizona performance.] We watched the American Idiot musical this last spring in Tempe, Arizona. And we had tickets and were all set to see the performance at the Marquee in Tempe, Arizona in December (on a school night) when the tour was cancelled.

We attempted to purchase tickets again for the show in Tempe that just occurred on Monday, March 11th. We even tried for the show in Pomona, CA for Sunday, March 10th but to no avail. Tickets were sold out at both venues within less than an hour. We were in meetings the day tickets went on sale and each of us stepped out in an attempt to acquire a pair but were unable to make a successful connection.

I'm not writing this to complain. I'm writing because my husband is sad that he was unable to see you. I'm writing because the music you play and the attitude you introduce into his life is unmatched and while I suppose it is okay for you to spend your evenings with thousands of others who also love you...please make sure you make it back here to Arizona quick so my husband doesn't feel too neglected.


Danielle (just the wife)

p.s.--I've attached this exact message to numerous "Green Day" sites in hopes that your eyes actually see it.


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