You Work, You Get Paid

Recompense: (noun), payment for services rendered

The simple notion of providing a service or creating a product for compensation is not in anyway a new concept. For some reason, my employer has difficulty understanding exactly how to do this. I was supposed to be paid yesterday. When my husband went to pick up our checks, because once again direct deposit was not available, he had to sign his name stating he had seen the corresponding notice detailing why there was a holdup in our pay. Additionally, he was made aware that we couldn't actually cash or deposit our checks until Monday, six days later. Last time this happened, the time where we sat in a meeting and our employer explained how she had to pay the mortgage on the building, pay the utilities, etc...she said this would never happen again.

The notice said something about Title I monies not being made available to the schools on time--making it not possible for our checks to be on time. I don't have nearly enough patience at the moment to discuss the inaccuracies in this statement or to share my sentiments on how teachers are a pretty important piece of the overall education puzzle, or to question why the K-8 school employees that share our "district" did get paid, or to speculate why the hell a school that is supposedly receiving state funding via a grant does not have the money to pay its teachers...I just can't, I'm too disheartened.

I'm Robert Frost debating what the hell I'm supposed to do here. I have not missed a single day this whole year. I've given up almost every Friday to help tutor or to be available for my students to make up missing work. I've taken my students hiking, swimming, bowling and I organized a pumpkin carving event to introduce them to life activities outside their norm. I wrote to my favorite authors for book donations to help build up our non-existant library. I asked my friends and family to help donate novels to create class sets. I have given as much of me as I possibly can.

I want nothing more than to see my students succeed, but I can't just work and not get paid.


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