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My Big Fat Reasonable Wedding

Our gym has little individual tv's on the cardio equipment. It's pretty awesome because I can watch all the stupid shit I want and face only minimal judgement. I flip back and forth between elitist "stars" or even better, wives of "stars", who present a completely unreasonable attitude of entitlement,  MTV (no need to get any more specific), and mostly anything on TLC (except for baby story which completely grosses me out, sorry).

However, TLC is like a trip to the zoo for me. I go through phases of interest, but mostly, mostly I just feel bad for the participants, like they no longer have a choice in what is happening and they don't really know how they got there. I watch these shows like Four Weddings and Say Yes to the Dress and the people are so caught up in this perfect vision they've created for "their day" that it's like the wedding just becomes a list of tasks to accomplish and no one is having fun anymore. I am still shocked a…

A Reason, a Season, or a Lifetime

I've moved a lot. Actually, when I look at the last 15 years, I've moved (or transitioned some aspect of my life) every single year. New jobs, continued education, new neighborhoods, and new countries and states have all given me ample opportunities to meet so many different people, introduce me to so many different perspectives on life, and ultimately provide me with friendships on many different levels. I feel fortunate because of these experiences, but primarily because of these connections.

I don't however, think all friendships are the same. When I look at each individual with whom I share a connection, there is something very unique about each that I adore, qualities that probably make up for some component I lack in some way. So like a puzzle piece, we fit. Sometimes it's an automatic fit and sometimes a little bit of the cardboard has to be filed down first to make the pieces mesh and that's okay too.

But for me friendships, like relationships, shouldn'…

To My Momila (in Celebration of Mother's Day)

When thirty of us returned home from floating down the river during our wedding weekend; many of us were tired, sun-dazed, ridiculously intoxicated, and prepared to ingest anything within reach. We were as some would say, "in rare form". It was 110 degrees, cloudless, and we had spent a good six hours out on the river sharing bottomless beers, jello shots, lime-a-ritas, and various energy drinks. It was a real shit show by the river's end.

There is not a whole lot that made enough of an impression at the end of that trip for me to have maintained a memory in the state I was in. Except one. When we arrived home, my poor mom was a sweaty mess. She was short tempered and absolutely exhausted. My mom did not go out on the river with us. She had agreed to stay behind and help with the barbecue. She thought she would have help, but ultimately she spent the day all by herself grilling enough food for fifty people in the Arizona heat.

I wish I could say that I was more observant…

Why I Teach

I write a lot about the difficulties teachers come across in education, most often how education policy places unrealistic pressures upon its educators and/or hinders actual education from taking place with its high stakes testing and corresponding teacher evaluations. If you've read any of those particular posts you may have questioned why I even teach or at least why I continue to teach. I don't blame you.

Sometimes I too wonder why I continue teaching. To me it's natural for spring, or fourth quarter, to be the time of year when doubt fills my mind. It is the time of year when most teachers and administrators decide what the following school year will look like with contracts or letters of intent. For me, it is the time of year when I most question my abilities; test scores loom overhead, students' final grades are to be determined, and next years curricula is to be mapped can be daunting. Over the last few years, I've definitely questioned if I have an…