My Big Fat Reasonable Wedding

Our gym has little individual tv's on the cardio equipment. It's pretty awesome because I can watch all the stupid shit I want and face only minimal judgement. I flip back and forth between elitist "stars" or even better, wives of "stars", who present a completely unreasonable attitude of entitlement,  MTV (no need to get any more specific), and mostly anything on TLC (except for baby story which completely grosses me out, sorry).

However, TLC is like a trip to the zoo for me. I go through phases of interest, but mostly, mostly I just feel bad for the participants, like they no longer have a choice in what is happening and they don't really know how they got there. I watch these shows like Four Weddings and Say Yes to the Dress and the people are so caught up in this perfect vision they've created for "their day" that it's like the wedding just becomes a list of tasks to accomplish and no one is having fun anymore. I am still shocked at the amount of money people are willing to spend on their wedding.

I've already written David's Bridal and Dearly Beloved, two posts that basically cover my sentiments about weddings. But since my one-year anniversary is in two days, whoop whoop, (thank you, we're quite proud we made it this far), I'm going to do one more post for the sake of anyone looking to marry on a reasonable (cheap) budget...because it is possible.

In total we spent about 3,500 dollars on the entire weekend, and it was exactly what we wanted. Frugality, a little creativity, and love for your soon-to-be spouse can actually mesh into an intimate and beautiful and fun celebration if you are willing to leave behind the traditions and expectations others, or maybe even you, believe is essential and necessary for your wedding.

The day we did a walk-through on our house, the backyard immediately told me it would like to host our wedding. I agreed and once the house was finalized in November, we began solidifying plans for our early summer backyard wedding. We invited about 60 guests, and had fifty attend...90% from out of town. So, while I'm going to detail out our itemized list of expenses, a few aspects should be understood. We planned for Friday through Sunday, including providing all meals for our guests. We housed 21 people between our house and two other homes, and we floated down the river as our post-ceremony celebration leaving out the bachelor and bachelorette parties. Quite a few of our expenses are not the norm for most weddings, and that is probably why my husband and I enjoyed it so much. We spent money on what WE thought was important.

So here goes, from most expensive to least expensive:

1) 750.00, Photographer (no wedding package, no engagement photos, no "getting ready" photos, and no album--we were given a disc with every picture taken)
2) 360.00, Wedding Dinner-Venezia's Pizzeria,  (three types of pastas, garlic bread, and salad--also became breakfast in the morning), dropped off right before ceremony started.
3) 270.00, Husband's clothes and sandals for the ceremony (Men's Warehouse),
4) 260.00, Table and Chairs Rental, Angel's Jump Around, Charged us for two nights, dropped the stuff off on Thursday and didn't pick up until Sunday.
5. 220.00, D's dress and shoes (Macy's, 1/2 off) for ceremony, Weddings With Joy, Pretty sure the dress was technically a bridesmaid's dress. The experience was perfect especially when compared to the horror I endured at David's "Shitty" Bridal.
6. 220.00, Beer (not counting what was brought on the float which guests contributed)
7. 210.00, Liquor and Wine
8. 140.00, 75 Commemorative Wedding Shot Glasses, Hot Shots, About 300 dollars less than anywhere else, super professional and quick.
9. 130.00, 2 River Rafts (three person and two person)--needed to house coolers for river float
10. 120.00, White lights--draped around the entire back yard, mostly purchased after Christmas
11. 96.00, 4 Air mattresses
12. 60.00, 3 Glass Beverage Dispensers
13. 50.00, 3 Table cloths
14. 50.00, Breakfast Foods- Pancake mix and syrup (both of which we still have some left--f'ing Costco, eggs, sausage, and bagels.
15. 40.00, 2 Coolers
16. 40.00, Soda
17. 30.00, White Serving Dishes for Cake Pops
18. 30.00, Hot dogs and buns (BBQ after float trip)
19. 30.00, Hamburgers (BBQ after float trip)
20. 30.00, Hamburger Buns and Condiments (BBQ after float trip)
21. 30.00, Chicken and Turkey Burgers (BBQ after float trip)
22. 30.00, Paper Plates, Plastic Utensils, Cups, napkins
23. 30.00, 2 Cake Pop Pans--Build your own cake dessert pops, buffet style
24. 30.00, Cake mixes, frosting, toppings, sticks
25. 30.00, Chips for BBQ
26. 20.00, 8 pillows
27. 20.00, Ice
28. 10.00, Bottled Water
29. 10.00, Sunblock
30. 10.00, 2 Dog tuxedo bow ties-essential.
31. 5.00, Wedding Invitations, Paperless Post, Awesome, basically free and hassle-free service.

Lastly, friends and family contributed table cloths, homes for guests to stay in, additional food, drinks, beer coozies, and numerous runs to the store for more ice. A wedding can be whatever you want it to be. This was ours.


  1. great job! I hope I can luck out with having an inexpensive wedding like this one <3


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