Love is love.

Why is marriage equality still up for discussion...still up for debate...still having to prove itself in the court system? I really don't get it. Why do people who have no intention of joining into a same-sex relationship give a shit what others do with their own personal lives? I know I'm not breaking ground here; I'm not saying anything new, I just can't wrap my mind around why this is an issue. Still.

Last week I spent a few days watching Caprica, the prequel of sorts to Battlestar Galactica. Sasha Roiz plays a mafia extremely attractive mafia extremely attractive gay mafia extremely attractive MARRIED gay mafia man. I'm not just mentioning him because of how ridiculously handsome he is with all of his perfectly placed Tauron tattoos, I mean that's just understood and no one would believe me If I claimed otherwise, but I'm mainly bringing him up because in the show his same-sex relationship is just normal, not in anyway disputable, it just is. It isn't brought up at any point of the show. The concept isn't even written in his character biography.

How nice would that be? To live in a world where who you want to marry isn't up for debate or ridicule and it doesn't face hate, where it is a non-issue. I personally can't claim to know exactly what it feels like to deal with those types of sentiments about my relationship with my husband and I don't want to speak for anyone, but I can only imagine judgement of others (whether you care or not) is constantly pressing in. I can say that it is deeply saddening and infuriating when friends (and anyone else) have to prove themselves for the sake of  achieving some societally-skewed version of "normalcy". For some reason they have to prove their intentions and their feelings just so they can be a part of what others are already doing.

Growing up- liking and flirting and dating and love, while absolutely wonderful at times- was also terribly intimidating and frightening and horribly embarrassing. I can't imagine those ups and downs complicated and compounded by the ignorant impressions and opinions held and pushed upon by others. Why do they care? Seriously, why?

The religious argument is kind of bullshit and so I'm only going to say this because it seems to be the leading antagonist. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs (which ironically is kind of the point), but why should a religious belief then dictate law? How can one group determine what is acceptable for another group? To me, it seems as if any faith worth following would insist its followers treat ALL equally, allow ALL the exact same opportunities instead of segmenting and then judging abilities, relationships, lives, futures, by race, gender, sexual orientation, etc...If a faith makes claim that it is better than anything else, "more right"...detailing how it is up to them to serve God and by doing so belittles and ridicules anyone as a means to show how right they are...I'm afraid I have no choice but to lose faith in a completely, ridiculously, faulty argument.

Love is love.

I've said many times before how incredibly lucky I am to have found my husband, to be able to spend my life with someone who understands me and loves me unconditionally. Every single person deserves the feelings of security and adoration that come with such love. If anything, it's only fair.

Macklemore's Same Love


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