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Love For My Students--Part 2

Last year I made a real effort to provide content that did not simply align with our state curriculum standards for my American Literature class. I wanted materials that also enabled my students to make life connections with the literature they were going to be required to read. I asked for donations of The Glass Castle and The Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Indian so that I could replace some of the tired, old classics that consume the few shelves of our paltry "book room". I don't have a negative opinion of classics per se, I just wanted to give my students the opportunity to read something a little different, to vicariously experience situations and settings that didn't take place three hundred years ago. There are so many wonderful modern writers that are ultimately overlooked in our classrooms because as teachers we are designed to simply teach what has previously been taught AND mostly because often that is what we have available to us. It's sad.