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"Fucking Board"

That bit o' knowledge was written on an assignment I graded this weekend...erased, but still completely visible. Oh, where to begin. I guess I'll start with my determining whether or not I'm offended. I probably should be, but I'm not.

I'm pretty aware that no matter what I do every year, there are going to be students who just don't "get" me, who may even outright hate looking at my face. I'm aware that there will be students who absolutely detest coming to my class for a variety of reasons even if I continually change my curriculum and the way I present it. I'm okay with knowing I will simply never win over a percentage of my students- either with my dazzling personality or with the activities I plan. I'm okay with this because I feel like that is real life.

In our day to day lives, we all have to adapt to our surroundings. Chances are we are going to come across people we just don't mesh with- no matter what the reason. We have to p…

What exactly is essential?

I really think our government does not see education as essential. Here's why.

Today at 7:15 a.m., I organized my classroom. I wrote the date, learning goals, and success criteria on the board. I made 22 copies of an article about sleep debt that were reused in each class period. I straightened the desks and wiped each one down with cleaning wipes. I emailed a college admissions office about a senior very interested in attending their school. Anything else needed for the day was already complete yesterday, and so by 7:30, my day was ready to begin. School however, does not start until 8 a.m.. This is an average, purposefully relaxed, way to start my morning.

With all of my grading complete and in the computer, I decided to continue my planning for an upcoming Edgar Allan Poe unit. I already have most of what I need but last spring I came across some great ideas provided by the National Parks Service that I wanted to add to my unit. A PDF file, some 50 pages of lesson ideas to go a…

Holiday Pudding Shots

The following HOLIDAY pudding shots are by far the best collection I've put together--and even though that might sound a little self-aggrandizing--it's true. These shots will be perfect essential for making it through the fall and winter. Rumchata has entered my life and I'm not sure it will ever be the same (thanks to Rob and Mindy and Shotski).

Tips that will make your life easier when making any kinds of pudding shots: Get yourself some Plastic Condiment Cups and lids and set them up before you start mixing.Use a bowl with some sort of pour-spout. Use a whisk for stirring. It is simply more efficient than a spoon.Use a flexible spatula for folding in last ingredients as well as guiding the pudding into the little cups.Figure out some sort of labeling system. I like using a permanent marker with acronyms for the pudding names. (Gingerbread Cookie=GBC). With my Wedding Shots I color coded the lids to match the sign on the fridge. Refrigerate cool whip. Frozen cool whip i…