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Favorite Daughter

My parents' pup Ruby, the one who replaced me as the most important daughter in the house, passed away on Wednesday night. She was diagnosed with diabetes a while back and I'm sure if it wasn't for my parents diligence in care and continual love, she wouldn't have lasted as long as she did. As per what has become a family tradition, Ruby had a steak breakfast and a ride in the car to get some chocolate ice cream for dessert before moving on.

What sucks about living 1,500 miles away is that I can't be there to give my parents a hug or to share stories about Ruby. Stories of her following my parents all over the house even in the last few months when it took her a lot longer to get around and she usually had to take a nap after reaching the destination. Older stories of how she was great at treeing raccoons and how we couldn't say CAT without her freaking out because my dad unalterably had taught her it was a bad word. How she helped babysit and herd the chicken…