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Candy Roulette

I kept seeing posts on reddit about people combining M&Ms and Skittles in the same bowl...something about these people being monsters. Me? I loved the idea. I decided to make a little game of it...a little game I call candy roulette.

Not only did I include Skittles, I also threw in some Reeses Pieces and any M&M varieties currently available. Since it's the holiday season--this game was made even more interesting with the seasonal flavors...chocolate mint, white chocolate, cherry cordial and gingerbread, all of which are essentially coated in the same holiday colors.

As a side-note, I'm not exactly sure what happened with the gingerbread flavor. I kind of feel like no one ever tasted the final batch or maybe it was the "taster's" last day and this was their way of throwing up two big middle fingers to a job they had no intention of using as a reference. Either way, they are not good. I personally think they taste like chocolate covered curry (and I don&#…