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Coastal Ride 2014--Tentative Route

Did you know that Google maps allows you to choose your destination's directions based on the mode of transportation you plan on using? I had no idea! In addition to driving, you can choose public transportation, walking, and bicycling. Even though the bicycling routes are still in beta (testing mode as explained to me), Google had become my third resource for planning out the ride. It's awesome! Additionally, I've been using an "old school" hand-held Rand McNally Road Atlas and the Bicycling the Pacific Coast guidebook to create a route that is both feasible and varied and suits our needs.

I want to have the route detailed out so that campsites and hotel stays can be reserved prior to us showing up. I don't want to get stuck...on a bike...without enough food and the middle of nowhere Deliverance pouring rain...forced to truck onward another 50 miles. That situation seems less than fun to me. Plus, whenever husband and I have spontaneous…

Coastal Ride 2014

I'm sitting next to four pages of notes detailing out my spring/summer bike trip. At this point BOTH husband and I are pretty invested...meaning we just purchased touring bikes yesterday--definitely invested if you know what I mean. I can hardly believe it but my excitement has even managed to capture husband's interest. And while he may just be doing it so that I'm not riding 1,800 miles and sleeping on the side of the road by myself; I'll take it (tomato, tomato you know). And although this is not confirmed, I believe my dad will be joining us as well which is pretty awesome since he and I talked about doing rides like this years ago when we were training for the STP (Seattle to Portland).

Ultimately, I did not end up going with the Novara Safari that I was excited about. I tried a couple sizes and we messed with the angle of the handlebars, but it just wasn't a fit for me. The handlebars seemed so cool and ideal with the wrap around bars that allow for multiple …

Coastal Bike Tour 2014--Planning and Preparation and Possibilities (Oh My)

This rather lofty goal that seemed to spring spontaneously from the depths of my soul has its arms wrapped pretty tight around me and I have to admit it's pretty exciting.

I spent a few hours today reading blogs, forums, and tip sheets about bicycle touring. Actually, I have been for most of the week. A little notebook now houses my lists for what to pack, what I need to do before I go, what I need to purchase and/or acquire for the trip, and what foods will be manageable to pack and eat during the long haul. Yesterday, husband and I visited REI after reading some reviews of touring-style bikes. We spoke with a reasonably knowledgeable employee about the nuances of the bikes (and packs and seats and pedals and water systems) and generally, just riding for great distances. And while they didn't have the exact bike I'm looking at available for me to ride right out of the store, I can assure you it's damn adorable. Here, why not look at its vintage-y beauty. Don't bec…

Vegas Buffet VIP > Club VIP

I can't sleep which is pretty fucked since I fought my exhaustion all day and I absolutely blame Vegas (and possibly 5 Hour Energy residuals coursing through my brain's synapses).

Three nights was definitely a long enough stay. Last night we forced ourselves to call it quits around 2:30 because we didn't want the drive back home today to be miserable. Besides my feet throbbing as if I were giving Andre the Giant a piggyback ride during the walks home, the previous two nights retirements to bed cannot be remembered. I easily drank more in the last three nights than should be allowed. I'm fairly certain that even if I lay passed out on the floor of a casino but still managed to raise up my drinking hand with one of those ridiculously large party cups in the shape of woman's leg, or a guitar, or a toilet...someone would be kind enough to help me out and fill 'er up. As it were, my body is rejecting me right now. Last night, when it told me it had had enough, I pus…