Coastal Ride 2014--Tentative Route

Did you know that Google maps allows you to choose your destination's directions based on the mode of transportation you plan on using? I had no idea! In addition to driving, you can choose public transportation, walking, and bicycling. Even though the bicycling routes are still in beta (testing mode as explained to me), Google had become my third resource for planning out the ride. It's awesome! Additionally, I've been using an "old school" hand-held Rand McNally Road Atlas and the Bicycling the Pacific Coast guidebook to create a route that is both feasible and varied and suits our needs.

I want to have the route detailed out so that campsites and hotel stays can be reserved prior to us showing up. I don't want to get stuck...on a bike...without enough food and the middle of nowhere Deliverance pouring rain...forced to truck onward another 50 miles. That situation seems less than fun to me. Plus, whenever husband and I have spontaneously up and drove somewhere just for fun, our percentage of good experiences lodging are pretty minimal. Knowing that the coast is a hotspot for tourists during the summer, I just want to avoid arriving at full campsites.

We did decide to start in Washington and head south as suggested because of the harsh headwinds and the larger shoulder that is supposedly more available traveling N to S.

Tentative Route (not including 2 break days that will be scheduled in approximately every ten days):

  • Day 1- Peace Arch Crossing (WA/Canada border) to Bay View State Park = ~47 miles
  • Day 2- Bay View SP to Coupeville (Ferry ride) to Old Ft. Townsend State Park = ~47 miles
  • Day 3- Ft. Townsend SP to Potlach State Park = ~62.6 miles
  • Day 4- Potlach SP to Twin Harbors State Park = ~76.6 miles
  • Day 5- Twin Harbors SP to Bay Center KOA = ~52.8 miles
  • Day 6- Bay Center to Astoria Oregon (hotel stop) = ~ 42 miles
Washington miles ~326
  • Day 7- Astoria to Nehalem Bay State Park = ~44 miles
  • Day 8- Nehalem Bay SP to Cape Lookout State Park = ~41.4 miles
  • Day 9- Cape Lookout SP to Beverly Beach State Park = ~53.3 miles
  • Day 10- Beverly Beach SP to Jessie Honeyman Memorial State Park = ~60 miles
  • Day 11- Honeyman Memorial SP to Sunset Bay State Park = ~54.9 miles
  • Day 12- Sunset Bay SP to Humbug State Park = ~57 miles
  • Day 13- Humbug State Park to Crescent City (hotel stop) = ~76 miles
Oregon miles ~376 (Oregon campgrounds host biker sites and yurts)
  • Day 14- Crescent City to Patrick's Point State Park (2 notable climbs) = ~66.5 miles
  • Day 15- Patrick's Point SP to Humboldt County Fairgrounds = ~ 55 miles
  • Day 16- Humboldt Fairgrounds to Richardson Grove State Park = ~66.9 miles
  • Day 17- Richardson SP to Mackerricher State Park (notable climb) = ~54.9 miles
  • Day 18- Mackerricher SP to Manchester State Park or KOA (strenuous ride) = ~49.3 miles
  • Day 19- Manchester SP to Bodega Dunes Campground = ~69 miles
  • Day 20- Bodega Dunes to Kirby Cove Campground (Golden Gate must reserve!) = ~69 miles
  • Day 21- Kirby Cove to Pidgeon Point Lighthouse (Hostel) (expensive, must reserve) = ~57 miles
  • Day 22- Pidgeon Point to Veteran's Memorial Park, Monteray = ~ 77 miles
  • Day 23- Veteran's Memorial to Kirk Creek = ~58 miles
  • Day 24- Kirk Creek to Morro Bay State Park = ~66.2 miles
  • Day 25- Morro Bay SP to Lompoc River Park Campground = ~74.6
  • Day 26- Lompoc to Carpinteria State Beach = ~67 miles
  • Day 27- Carpinteria SB to Leo Carillo State Beach = ~48 miles
  • Day 28- Leo Carillo SB to Huntington Beach (hotel stop) = ~70 miles
  • Day 29- Huntington Beach to San Elijo State Beach = ~65 miles
  • Day 30- San Elijo to Mexican Border = ~45 miles (+ miles to return to Imperial Beach hotel stop)
California miles ~1056.4 (CA campsites bike sites are first come/first serve, reg sites $35)

Total miles ~1,757

If you know any of these stops to be um..."undesirable", for whatever the reason, please let me know. California's busy coastal cities, recent park closures and reductions, and expensive campsites make it a little difficult for route planning. Any firsthand knowledge is greatly appreciated. 

Plus, check out some of the rides and stops. Some back to back day trips look gorgeous for any potential riders!!


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