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"I guess you haven't had kids yet."

Our principal provided lunch for staff yesterday...(pulled pork, mac n' cheese, baked beans and even some side brisket. It was pretty awesome). Husband said something like, "This is the best day of my life."

A woman we work with responded, "I guess you haven't had kids yet."

My response to this woman (in my mind) was something like, "You (sigh) are a fucking idiot."

Comments like this cause me to become irrationally irritated. They cause me to question what is wrong with people and replay conversations days after an exchange has been made, obviously.

I'm not even completely sure what I find most bothersome. I'm guessing she didn't really mean anything by it. Husband had made a quick, light-hearted comment and she responded just as jovially. The problem for me is- where is the actual humor in her response?

Part of me would have liked to have taken a poll asking everyone in the vicinity whether or not they understood husband's use o…

Working out our Coastal Ride Route Kinks

Plans are coming together quite nicely. The dogs have a loving home welcoming them while we're on our trip. Our house has someone to occupy its days. Our training has progressed and will intensify (just in time for our Arizona heat to pick up). The goal now is to solidify our route and dates. This is the trip thus far. 
We would absolutely love to see friends along the way. We would also love for our friends to let us shower at their homes. We would also especially love to camp in our friends' back (or front) yards to avoid paying for camping. We would love you!
Please let us know if you are along our route and would like guests or if you'd be interested in meeting us for dinner somewhere tasty. In this post you will find our tentative calendar plus the individual daily routes we intend to take. Let us know as soon as you can if we can share a part of this journey with you so that we can include it in our route!!! We are aiming to finalize our route in the next week or so…