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Re-route Shre-shmoute

It is quite possible that the melee that was my coffee induced insomnia the other night also fueled a bout of delirium. As noted in my previous post, I became obsessed with re-routing the Washington portion of our bike ride. I guess it was sentimentality that spurred the idea because I spent a good portion of that night reworking and reworking possible stops to include 50 miles of bike trails and roads that I was familiar with; trails that I had spent many hours riding with my dad and thought it would be cool to include into this trip.

As it were, after a refreshing two hours of sleep and after bouncing ideas back and forth with husband, the decision to maintain the trip as previously finalized simply made more sense. If we re-routed, we not only added 60+ miles to the route, we also lost our first break day. Losing a break day that can be spent with my parents and with my pups and with napping just sounds ridiculous. And so here is the "Finalized Route".

Washington Route: …