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All Packed ! (?) !

I think we're as ready to go as I can imagine we could be. I don't really believe I could ever feel completely ready taking on something like this for the first time. 

As it were, I've packed too much. I'm sure of it. However, in my own defense we will be heading through some different climates AND we are pretty acclimated to some ridiculous levels of heat at this point. I just don't want to be cold and miserable while camping. Also, there are a few spots where we might actually be away from camping and from biking and so I guess I'd like to look like I'm not still biking and camping.

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Tres de Mayo

There is a slew of little men in my head who are uh...quite busy shoveling up the shit show that was last night. I'm picturing a post-New Years Eve Times Square or Bourbon Street level of clean up happening as we speak; sludge removal so my synapses can do their thing.

I suppose I could say we were celebrating Tres de Mayo. The evening did have a partial Mexican theme with us eating leftover nachos while listening to an itunes Cinco de Mayo playlist. We were NOT wearing hats of any sort so I can't claim we were partaking in the Derby festivities like so many others on fb.

But really, I think we were just kind of bored and had some new drinks to try. The drinks were damn delightful. We had many. We played Tetris Jenga. We looked at the stars. We played keep away from the pups. Dancing naturally ensued. It was a pretty great night that ended with me lying on the floor, my world spinning, thinking I was going to be sick. It's a good thing we don't do this all the time bec…