Coastal Ride: Days 6, 7, 8, 9

I'm sitting outside a welcome center at Beverly Beach State Park on day 10, our second rest day of the trip and I have to say, I'm really loving this. I mean it has definitely been tough at times...tough getting back on the saddle after 40 miles, tough believing in ourselves, and equally tough pushing out the thoughts of "why are we even doing this". We could easily be floating around our pool right now, cocktail in hand, watching Leah jump in and Latimore leisurely swim around for the entire summer (oh how I miss their little faces)...but how often do we really make stuff like this happen in our lives? And so that is what I tell myself when my quads are burning and we're still 15 miles from camp.

Prepare yourself for lots of ocean shots because I live in the desert and I miss it, and each spot looks prettier than the last.

Day 6: Butte Creek Picnic, Raymond, WA to Cape Disappointment, WA

Total Miles: 51.8
Total Time: 6:15:49
Average Speed: 8.27
Total Elevation: 5,620 ft
Total Calories: 2,588
Start Time: 7:45 am

My mom was kind enough to drive us the hour and a half back to Raymond to start Day 6 where we left off. The start of the ride was a nice little bike path through Raymond and beyond. Then it kind of
seemed like google was playing games with us. We left the bike path for a creepy, gravel logging
road that ultimately lasted 8 miles. Climbing with big gravel is hard enough, but the downhill is just
as hard. One rock can shoot you off in an awkward direction. Our hands were super tired from
gripping our bars. We did come out at a beautiful valley, and if we had been on mountain bikes without carrying 45 pounds it could have been awesome, but as it were it was the most difficult part of this ride.

The rest of the ride was mostly flat with ocean bays and rivers near us most of the way. At the end we rode on the Discovery Trail (Lewis and Clark) and saw the ocean for the first time. We celebrated our last night in WA with a bottle of wine, Ilwaco's Waikiki Beach, and an elephant seal. It was beautiful and wonderful and we celebrated how we made it through WA without rain. Naturally, it rained that night.

Valley after the logging roads.
On the way to Ilwaco.
Campsite at Cape Disappointment
Waikiki Beach 

Day 7: Cape Disappointment, WA to Nehalem Bay State Park, OR

Total Miles: 61.5
Total Time: 7:44:18
Average Speed: 7.95
Total Elevation: 5,387 ft
Total Calories: 3,295
Start Time: 6:45 am

After our Waikiki beach time we went to bed early, too exhausted to stay up as has come to be our
norm only to be woken up by a thief...a bandit wearing a dark mask around his eyes. I kept hearing
clicking, like a bunch of people unclipping their bike shoes. I thought I'd go to the bathroom, perhaps welcome the new cyclists to our campsite. Outside the tent though, there were no cyclists. The
clicking was a raccoon breaking into Tyler's locked handlebar bag. We shooed the little f'er away, but he managed to grab Tyler's trail mix. We took the rest of the snacks out as he watched us, eating
Tyler's chocolate and cashews, and laughing. We went back into the tent only to be woken again by
the thief. This time he was reaching his little grabbers up into Tyler's locked bag pulling out our bike
tools, electronic cords, papers, etc... We decided to just take everything out and leave it open. We didn't hear him again. I'm pretty sure he spent the rest of the night racing around the campground wired on caffeine and sugar.

The ride to Nehalem was smooth for the first twenty miles. We made good time and it pretty much
consisted of Tyler reminiscing over his lost chocolate, describing over and over how he had been
saving his favorite parts of the trail mix. Let me just say, It was a real loss. As we approached the
Astoria bridge, we noticed that in addition to the length of this bridge (over 4 miles), the OR side was extremely tall. We were already warned about the lack of shoulder and the inability to stop while on
the bridge so we were definitely intimidated. We told each other we loved each other and rode on.

And then Tyler got a flat...two miles in. I can't really express how terrifying this was. Tyler tried to pump it up real quick, but it quickly lost air. It didn't make sense to turn around and there was
absolutely no way we could change a flat where we were. We had no choice but to walk the bikes forward. This was exhausting as we were forced to walk them over a mile, including up the super high part of the bridge. Luckily, OR was doing construction at the top and they let us pull into the closed lane to change our flat because I genuinely had no idea how I could hold the weight of my bike if we had to walk them down.
Fixed flat and able to breathe.
After surmounting the bridge, the rest of the ride was a piece of cake, relatively speaking. We had lunch at a nice spot on Cannon Beach and arrived at our campground in reasonable time given the rough start. Erin and Brian met us in the evening giving us the opportunity to spend time with friends we haven't seen in quite a while. Plus they brought s'mores which makes them basically awesome.

Day 8: Nehalem Bay State Park, OR to Cape Lookout State Park, OR

Total Miles: 39.5
Total Time: 4:36:22
Average Speed: 8:58
Total Elevation: 3,724 ft
Total Calories: 1,847
Start Time: 8:10 am

We started our ride a little later than usual because we stayed up late (11:00) enjoying our time with
Erin and Brian. Plus, I had my first fall (walking from the bathroom to our site). This was no simple fall. I had a bunch of toiletries in my hands including my glasses so I couldn't use my hands to stop myself. Instead, I basically used my whole body...both knees, both elbows, my toes. It was like I was a stunt man who actually has no idea what they're doing.

After first aid was applied to my various wounds, we entered into a relatively short ride. This was a great ride for a couple of reasons. We encountered only a few hills of substance and we visited both the Tilamook Dairy and Tilamook Smokehouse, acquiring some 2ft. long pepperoni sticks for a dollar each. (Eating four feet of pepperoni in one day is healthy right?) And we indulged in a double waffle cone of ice cream that was particularly exceptional.

We spent a break at an adorable beach called Rockaway and also visited a salmon hatchery just outside of Cape Lookout State Park.

Day 9: Cape Lookout State Park, OR to Beverly Beach State Park, OR

Total Miles: 58.5
Total Time: 7:21:29
Average Speed: 7.95
Total Elevation: 7,053 ft
Total Calories: 3,132
Start Time: 6:15 am

This ride was tough. It was a long ride and we climbed three big hills, covering more elevation gains
than we have previously encountered. The first hill was a steep 1,000 ft, which is a pretty decent climb. The nice part is that we got an early start and had the whole road to ourselves for both the climb and the downhill. No cars make hills significantly better for us. Our second hill was about 800 ft. and the last was just over 500. For both of these hills we were not so fortunate and traffic on 101 was busy, busy.

We stopped at a beautiful spot, Cape Kiwanda State Park for our first snack break. This spot may be my favorite so far. Beautiful cliff walls and rock formations and little was perfect. We stopped for an actual lunch in Lincoln City. We both ordered fish n chips with a cup of clam chowder. It was pretty awesome, even though it was really hard getting back on to ride after such a big meal. We made two quick stops at Boiler Bay and Cape Foulweather, both with beautiful views. We rode into Beverly Beach, and are now staying in our cutie-pie yurt.


  1. I was actually chuckling out loud by myself in the office while reading your description of Tyler's lost trail mix. That little thieving bastard of a critter deserves to get a peanut stuck in its throat.

    See you soon. - Matt

  2. Great adventure! Thanks for sharing.


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