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Stuff I Hear at Work

Some days my students say things that make me smile, laugh, and shake my head in fear of the future. I managed to write a couple notable words of wisdom down these last couple weeks. I have not changed wording. I have only added end punctuation and quotations...and possibly adjusted spelling to make sure you can understand what they are trying to say. These quotes are absolutely real (even if you might hope they are not).

"I learn best from documentaries and movies because I have a photographic memory." --during a discussion about how students learn best.

"The thing I don't understand about cheaters is that vaginas are basically the same." --during a small group discussion about modern day sinning and how adultery is viewed by our society.

"My attitude this week was kind of crappy because I had tonsillitis and scarlet fever over the weekend." --written in a reflection evaluating how they performed during the week.

"I was always taught that if you …