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Jumping Ship (Part 1)

When I was little, I was convinced all of you would watch me swim in the Olympics one day. Absolutely certain. It's kind of hard to explain how there wasn't a question in my mind that this would happen. At some point in high school this belief was not so solid. I began to spend less and less time in the water. I started working.

Do I regret all those hours spent with my face underwater...jumping into all those two-a-day practices...forcing myself to wake up while it was still dark and plunging into a cold pool...getting ready for homecoming in the locker room after a meet...smelling like chlorine all the time?

I don't.

Specific moments were definitely difficult. The first lap in a cool pool in the early morning always felt especially torturous at the time. The deep gouges cut into the flesh on the tops of my feet etched in by the fins we wore one summer, the same spots where faint scars still remember, were so painful we added socks to our swim attire to create a barrier b…