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4th Annual Desert Decathlon, 2015

Such a great day. Nine teams participated in this year's decathlon. When you think about the fact that the first decathlon had two participants (three if you count Leah), our little event grew by 800% this year. A percentage that should be multiplied by how awesome everyone was. Thanks to those who participated. Your willingness to do whatever we told you, your fun-loving attitudes, and your team uniform creativity made this a great day. I am already looking forward to next year!

Desert Lawn Redux

We have a pool. We have a veggie garden. We didn't want to water our desert lawn anymore. Did you know that water conservation isn't even discussed down here? In Western Washington, it rained like nine months out of the year and even there it would have been abnormal in the summer to water lawns, wash cars, not consider low flow toilets and low pressure shower heads.

But down here, in the desert...fountains, golf courses, and pools galore. It just doesn't make sense; so we stopped watering our lawn about five months ago. As you can imagine the backyard got ugly real quick. And so here is how the last two weekends were spent. Ultimately we will receive no rebate for using less water. Our services down here only acknowledge if you change your yard to zero-scape (non-desert plants only) and we weren't prepared to create a cacti obstacle course for the pups. Instead, we opted for artificial turf.

Jumping Ship Part 3-- "You're so brave"

Here it is. These last few years of indecision and unhappiness with my profession has come to a close. I have decided to stop talking about it and make the decision to leave teaching after 11 years in the classroom. My husband with just a few years less under his belt has decided to do the same. Yikes.

It's been really hard for me to sit down and write about this. I think the idea of my not going back to teaching this next school year is...well, it's weird and uncomfortable and exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time.

If you've read any of my posts over the last five years, you know I believe in education. I hope you can also tell that I believe lives can be changed with it. However, I no longer believe that my personal philosophies of how to make "learning happen" and "what is best for students" meshes with those of our policy makers; and they most certainly did not mesh with my most recent employer.

For me, it was time to go. At least that…

30 Days of Summer: Picture Diary

School. Homework. Friends. Pups. Relax.

Jumping Ship: Part 2

For about the last five years I've gone back and forth about my choice of profession. Spring naturally brings out the cleaner in me and I try, in oh so many ways, to rid myself of unnecessary clutter. Each of these recent years I've ended the school year feeling overwhelmed, feeling indecisive, feeling pretty damn deflated for a number of reasons. I've felt this way each time and then summer arrives. It's a reprieve...a necessary maintenance time for any teacher truly invested in the future of their students. And each year I return with enough piss and vinegar to start a brand new school year...probably because I'm a masochist. It's basically like I'm in some shitty relationship and each year I return to this partner of mine thinking, hoping it'll be the way it used to be (the way I imagined us together). But each time, each year, it seems I invest just a little less of me into the relationship, because ultimately I know it's just not working out, a…