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Jumping Ship: Part 2

For about the last five years I've gone back and forth about my choice of profession. Spring naturally brings out the cleaner in me and I try, in oh so many ways, to rid myself of unnecessary clutter. Each of these recent years I've ended the school year feeling overwhelmed, feeling indecisive, feeling pretty damn deflated for a number of reasons. I've felt this way each time and then summer arrives. It's a reprieve...a necessary maintenance time for any teacher truly invested in the future of their students. And each year I return with enough piss and vinegar to start a brand new school year...probably because I'm a masochist. It's basically like I'm in some shitty relationship and each year I return to this partner of mine thinking, hoping it'll be the way it used to be (the way I imagined us together). But each time, each year, it seems I invest just a little less of me into the relationship, because ultimately I know it's just not working out, a…