Desert Lawn Redux

We have a pool. We have a veggie garden. We didn't want to water our desert lawn anymore. Did you know that water conservation isn't even discussed down here? In Western Washington, it rained like nine months out of the year and even there it would have been abnormal in the summer to water lawns, wash cars, not consider low flow toilets and low pressure shower heads.

But down here, in the desert...fountains, golf courses, and pools galore. It just doesn't make sense; so we stopped watering our lawn about five months ago. As you can imagine the backyard got ugly real quick. And so here is how the last two weekends were spent. Ultimately we will receive no rebate for using less water. Our services down here only acknowledge if you change your yard to zero-scape (non-desert plants only) and we weren't prepared to create a cacti obstacle course for the pups. Instead, we opted for artificial turf.


This is the spot Tyler and I spent like two hours shoveling out old sod. As you can see we got a lot accomplished. I personally wouldn't suggest anyone else use this method. 

Finding and capping sprinklers off.

Sod cutting machine #1. The clutch burnt out. 
Watering the lawn to make it easier. 
It was suggested we remove about four inches down of dirt/sod.
The dirt/sod moved and waiting to go elsewhere. 
Day 1 complete. 

"Gravel" on left, sand on right"

Piles of gravel to be spread.


Spreading and attempting to even out the lawn.

One pile finished. One to go.

Probably should have just kept the dirt-like "gravel". The dogs seemed to like it. 

Compacting the gravel. 

Artificial turf arrival


This is the final shot after the pile of sand was spread and compacted. The process was identical to the gravel spreading. Unfortunately. 
Cutting the grass. The pieces had to be cut out front so we could actually manage moving each section into the backyard. 

Cutting and nailing.

Final cuts.

There are a few visible seams, but overall we're happy with the results!


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