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Baby Steps

Today is my first day of classes at ASU. Last year at this time I had just finished my first "return to college" class. That winter-session was followed by a pretty intensive Anatomy and Physiology course that I completed while finishing my last semester as a teacher. Over the summer I took a couple classes including chemistry. This was actually a big deal for me and don't tell anybody, but I cried a lot. Although I ended the summer course with 100%, Chemistry has been the bane of my existence for years. In high school, it was the only class that I'd ever received a D in. I just didn't get it and I didn't know how to make myself ask for help. I don't think I actually believed I would fail. I think I just assumed I'd eventually understand the material, but I didn't.

Fast forward almost twenty years and it was the science and math components that minimized my desire to change careers. I took one nutrition class in 2011, kind of as a means to decide …