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Because I may not live to be 80

How often do you think about your life and the choices you make? Do you ever think about what "living life" means and do you then determine if your life and that concept coincide? I think I do too much.

While serving coffee the other day at the local senior center I caught a few glimpses of an older man sitting out in the sun feeding popcorn to the birds and squirrels. Fuck it, it was nice out. I decided to break free of my coffee serving shackles for a few minutes and join him. I'm guessing he was in his 80's. He said I was welcome to sit next to him as long as I didn't talk or move.

As minutes passed he broke both rules by leaning toward me and telling me about the cactus this particular bird is extremely intelligent, way smarter than the quails that are so pervasive to the area. (I still love those adorable tufts of hair on the tops of their little quail heads and how they walk across the top of our fence in single file, smart or not). He said he u…