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English Teacher Garage Sale

Dear teacher friends and friends of teachers (home-school parents included)-

The time has come for me to pull away at that big thread hanging from my security blanket. I am letting go of all of the resources I have collected over the years. Unfortunately, I can't just give it all away (because you know, I don't have a job anymore).

There is definitely sentiment oozing out of a lot of this "stuff" and I'd love to see the items find homes inside friends' classrooms or in the hands of a new teacher who may not have a classroom yet. There isn't a ton left because I've already pared down substantially (only keeping the supplies I knew I'd need if I went back to teaching English). These items are obviously not new, but I am notorious for um...let's just say "keeping supplies in good shape". (Just ask any students I've had!)

So, please share this if you know someone who might be interested. I will be in Washington briefly in late July s…