English Teacher Garage Sale

Dear teacher friends and friends of teachers (home-school parents included)-

The time has come for me to pull away at that big thread hanging from my security blanket. I am letting go of all of the resources I have collected over the years. Unfortunately, I can't just give it all away (because you know, I don't have a job anymore).

There is definitely sentiment oozing out of a lot of this "stuff" and I'd love to see the items find homes inside friends' classrooms or in the hands of a new teacher who may not have a classroom yet. There isn't a ton left because I've already pared down substantially (only keeping the supplies I knew I'd need if I went back to teaching English). These items are obviously not new, but I am notorious for um...let's just say "keeping supplies in good shape". (Just ask any students I've had!)

So, please share this if you know someone who might be interested. I will be in Washington briefly in late July so I can actually drop off some items up there. Unwanted items will go up on Craigslist (if I don't get any takers) within the next week, but I thought I'd go this route first.

Here goes:

1) Book Sets:
a) Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls (20 copies) = $40  SOLD (M.B.)
b) The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie (20 copies) = $40 (+ audio)
c) A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah (15 copies) = $30
d) No Fear Macbeth (13 copies), No Fear Othello (2 copies) = $30
     *No Fear books include Shakespearean English and Modern Translations
e) This I Believe (NPR) Anthologies, Volume 1 (2 copies), Volume 2 (2 copies), Audio = $10  SOLD (B.V.)

2) Student Project Supplies (15 desk tubs) = $15
  • crayons, 
  • color pencils 
  • markers (thin and fat),
  • peer editing pens and highlighters 
  • scissors
  • erasers
  • couple compasses
  • glue (1/2 full containers) -- (shown in picture below)
  • few hundred Popsicle sticks -- (shown in picture below)

3) Classroom Decorations
a. regular sized posters (laminated) = $1 a piece
b. mega posters (editor's marks, writer's checklist, good readers) = $2 a piece ($5 for the set) SOLD (C.S.)
c. borders = $1 for all SOLD (B.V.) 
d. hanging folder holder (red) = $5
e. "ready" letters (hundreds of letters/variety of shapes and colors - organized in a folder case = $5 

4) Collections
a) Ruth Heller (Parts of Speech) Fred Gwynne (Homonyms) (11 books) = $20 SOLD (B.J.)
b) Chris Van Allsburg (6 books) [Great writing companions!] = $10 SOLD (C.S.)
c) Romeo and Juliet/ Shakespeare Miscellaneous = $10

5) Miscellaneous -- prices as listed and "make me an offer" on those not listed
a) 501 Writing Prompts, 501 Synonym & Antonym = $2 each
b) Dry Erase Markers = $2 for each pack
c) stamp set SOLD (M.B.)
d) pens
e) mini erasers
f) clipboards (3)
g) letters (to use with document camera or overhead projector) -- awesome for spelling/scrabble types of games

 6) Free Miscellaneous! 
* Exception--glue and Popsicle sticks are part of the student project package and are not free
a) three crates
b) folders
c) hanging folders
d) other stuff pictured!

Let me know if you want anything!


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