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Batten Down the Hatches--"One Year" Down

Have you ever been asked something so many times that your response somehow becomes naturally scripted? The words are released without any real effort as if they're nothing more than just noises emitted spontaneously. Chances are they sound real enough because at some point you meant believed in what you were saying, but somewhere along the way the feelings that built those words have long since dissipated, leaving an irrefutable hollowness. But yet you still say them.

I absolutely despise talking about my future plans because of this. I understand that most people who ask are genuinely curious, and that's what makes it hard for me when I try to condense any ideas I have into just a few words in an attempt to abate the question.

As Bill Burr would say, I'm living the dream. This last year I returned to school full time in hopes I can turn what was simply a hobby of sorts into something more. I don't have a real clear destination envisioned yet. Some days I'…