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Buzz Buzz Mother Fucker (Part 1)

Today (along with each day this past week) I am introducing myself to some new corner of one of the computer labs on ASU's main campus as I wait for my husband to finish his class. He has dubbed this time and my departure from the house as "summer camp". The thing is, and I'm about to get real real here, I'm scared to stay home by myself.

What the fuck right?

For many a day now I've shadowed Tyler's every move like a Type A intern willing to do anything to land the job. Anything. He goes to the gym. I go to the gym. He goes to school. I go to a lab immediately next door to his class. He goes to bed. I go to bed. You get the picture.

I won't spend a ton of time explaining how completely abnormal this behavior is because I have to imagine that anyone actually reading this already understands this to be highly unusual for me. I will simply say I typically covet my alone time. I can easily occupy myself for hours...days...weeks even, without ever interact…