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Spirit Sherpa

Ground cover, at least ankle deep, can be found close by many of the places Leah and I walk these days. She exhibits absolutely no hesitation before diving deep into the plants' unknown. I stand or attempt to keep up at the edge of these areas with my arm stretched out as far as it will go, the leash completely taut, and Leah all but hidden by the growth as she follows whatever scent her schnootz has become familiar with.

She doesn't care about what might be underneath. In fact, she's more likely wanting to stumble onto something...anything.

She loves it here.

Our apartment complex is surrounded by large, lush trees; and there are squirrels and rabbits and chipmunks running all over. We've seen deer and there is a woodchuck that lives on one side of the parking lot. The smells are probably as unreal to her as the views and waterfalls are to me.

If I'm sitting in the apartment working on my classes for too long, she sits directly in front of me and stares. If I don&…