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About seven weeks ago I sat on the curb outside of the Powhatan Motel in Pocahontas Illinois and cried. Tyler was in the adjacent restaurant checking us in. We were two days into our four day drive to New York from Arizona. We had just finished about 14 hours when I turned into the parking lot and drove under the pull through in front of the motel office.

Two things are worth mentioning. The motel was from a different era...a time when travel across the states was fresh and new, and motels like these were attractions in and of itself. This is of note because I'm fairly sure the pull through was designed before higher clearance vehicles were a thing.

The second thing worth mentioning is that my car is not a high clearance vehicle, but my bike was on top.

Within seconds of pulling in my senses were inundated. My car seemed like it was being held back by something, but I couldn't understand what. Noise, both foreign and impending, filled the vehicle. For some reason, my first tho…