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Leah Would Go

Eddie Aikau was a Hawaiian lifeguard and surfer known for doing the impossible. He's credited as saving hundreds of people in Oahu's Waimea Bay by swimming out for rescues with waves upwards of 30 feet. The words "Eddie Would Go" became part of the local culture branding his no fear attitude and resilience. 
Leah is my Eddie, and she left us yesterday morning.

For years I've described how Leah saved me. From the moment she was brought home, she changed my life...she made me grow as an adult. She made me better.

She was and will always be my Spirit Sherpa. Leah was my best friend, and my most constant companion for almost 12 years. No matter how long I had with her, it will forever feel too short. I am incredibly grateful for all of the time spent and the memories we shared. We traveled to 16 states, and left the country together. That's pretty good numbers for a big pup!

Part of me is missing, and our little family feels so much smaller right now. My tears en…